But I Am a Needle Phobia?

No problem. I can still help.

Q. I am sort of a needle phobia, any other type of natural reliever for my pain?

A. Yes. There are closely related methods for pain or muscle tension relief including accupressure massage, feet massage (reflexology), fire cupping and electric simulation, although their effect are not as quick as that of needls but they do have relaxation effect which helps reduce your muscle tension and stress. The stress is a big factor in increasing your musle tension and pain sensitivity.

For your severe muscle pain, I would recommend you close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let me try just two or three tiny needles on your hands or feet for a few seconds (you will start to feel relief instantly in over 90% cases). Then I can take the needles out and do accupressure massage, fire cupping, feet massage or electric stimulation for you. You will eventually come to know the needles are actually not so dreadful as you thought.