How It Works

And Why 

Magic Self-Healing Power of Human Body

The nature created your body. The nature encoded magic self-healing power into your body. The question is, how can you instantaneously and effectively take advantage of that magic self-healing power for the particular ailment you are suffering from ?

With my help, you can!

You will feel Instant Pain Relief within 5-10 seconds with no medication whatsoever involved, no matter where the pain is located.  Permanent Pain Relief can be achieved in 4 - 10 treatments within 1 - 3 months (in 90% cases).

Not Just Pain

With my help, your bloating stomach/abdomen, limb edema, knee swelling, breast lumps, neck/armpit lymphatic lumps ... could shrink in 20 minutes;

Uterine fibroids, brain tumors, gallbladder / kidney stones could gradually become smaller and smaller until disappear in 3-6 months ...

All these are possible by kick-starting your own body's "magic" self-healing power evoked by my needles!

The "Magic" is not the gadgets (tiny needles) I am using. Nor that I have a golden touch. It is the self-healing power of your own body which can magically takes away your pain or other uncomfortable sensation within seconds.

Why My Acupuncture Is Unique

My therapeutic skill lies in my experience / evidence-based diagnostic palpation technique. This technique can correctly, precisely and quickly "pinpoint the spots" on your body that could, once stimulated, wake up or activate the dormant "magic" healing power of your body. It is your body's magic healing power makes '"Pain Gone in Seconds" possible. This waked-up power is specifically corresponding to your particular health problems at issue. Whatever you issue is, there is a particular spot on your body which can deal with that issue.

With my modality, patient disrobing or undressing is unnecessary (even your pain is located in your chest, abdomen, groin, pelvis, hip, back etc). Note that the prevailing "textbook acupuncture" usually requires inserting needles in or close to where the pain is located and disrobing patients to expose their back, hip, belly button area, or lower abdomen area. In contrast, in my "Pain Gone within Seconds" modality, the needles will never go to the area where the pain is located. The patient will receive treatment fully dressed in a sleeveless shirt and shorts or jean shorts. The needles will not be inserted into your body trunk either (it is unnecessary in 99% of cases). The needles will only be on your arms/shoulders or thighs/legs. You will comfortably lie down FACE UP (rarely face down) on a treatment table, a sofa/couch, or simply sit on a chair/bench, etc.

 The Wonder of Your Body

Your body's self-healing power is not only limited to relieving your "PAIN". It can also make your bloated stomach / abdomen, knee/leg swelling (edema), neck/armpit lymphatic nods or breast lumps shrink in 20 minutes. More wonderfully, your body's healing power could get the uterine fibroids or brain tumor shrink, high blood sugar / blood pressure, belly fat, high cholesterol decrease in 1-3 months if your body's self-healing power is regularly activated by acupuncture treatment. Come to see me now and feel your own body's "Magic" power.

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