Pain Relief in 10 Seconds?

Yes. More exactly,  in 5 seconds !!!   This was true in over 90% cases in my clinic.  Such success was achieved via an unique, neurophysiologically-based, and evidence-proven methodology both effective & convenient to the patients.

Q.  Pain relieved in 10 seconds, really?  And what is your "UNIQUE" & convenient methodology?

A.  Yes, really,  your pain can be relieved or even eliminated in 10 seconds, more exactly, can be relieved  in 3 -5 seconds. That is the time needed for the pain-relief signal from your brain or CNS (central nerve system)  to travel  to the location of pain.

Such instant pain relief is true in over 90% cases in my clinic. You may ask, what happened with the remaining < 10%? The anwser:  < 5% were structrual pain (non-neuropathic pain) where some abnormal structure in the body is pressing on sensory nerves, such as a bone spur, a bulging spine disk, a cyst, a fiboid or a tumor etc. In such cases, other modalities including surgery may be needed. But acupuncture still can help in such cases but in a slower manner with long term treatment. The last < 5% cases were due to reasons not yet known.

A UNIQUE method convenient to patients?  Yes. In this UNIQUE (and more effective ) methodology,  patient disrobing is unnecessary (even your pain is located in your back, hip, chest, abdomen, pelvis, groin area etc). You will receive treatment fully dressed in a short sleeve or sleeveless shirt, and shorts or jean shorts or short skirt. I only need access to your arms or legs. You will lie down FACE UP (but rarely face down) on a treatment table, a sofa/couch, or simply sit on a chair, bench, etc.

That is very convenient for the patients. Please note, this convenient modality is also the far more effective way, in my experience, to get Quick, Fast, Instant and Immediate pain relief than the textbook modality in which you are kept undressed with back, hip, or belly button exposed,  and the needles are inserted on your back, hip, or area surrounding your belly button, etc. Not really convenient at all, right?