Why My Acupuncture Is Different?


My modality of acupuncture is different from the textbook acupuncture.  With my modality,  I can knock out or greatly alleviate your excruciating pain within 10 seconds, no matter where the pain is, in over 90% of cases!  But with the textbook acupuncture the patients typically do not see improvement until after one or more treatments (each treatment lasts about 1 hour).

Let me give you an example.  The renowned Mayo Clinic in the US has adopted acupuncture practice nationwide. They advised that in their clinic, some patients may see improvement after the first treatment, but others may not until after several treatments.  "Some people feel relaxed and others feel energized after an acupuncture treatment. But not everyone responds to acupuncture. If your symptoms don't begin to improve within a few weeks, acupuncture may not be right for you", says the Mayo Clinic (1).  "...if your back pain doesn't begin to improve within a few weeks, acupuncture may not be the right treatment for you", says another Mayo Clinic post titled "Acupuncture for back pain?"(2)

So, pain knocked out within 10 seconds with 90% success rate in my clinic, but typically no improvement seen until after 3,600 seconds (1 hour) or even weeks in the Mayo Clinic! 

I'm certain you are thinking I'm crazy. Let me explain.

"Each practitioner of acupuncture has a unique style", says a Mayo Clinic expert's article (1, 3) . Exactly true. There are many different ways to practise acupuncture depending on different opinions as to theory and technique. The efficacy may not be all the same. The modality I used is unique based on my experience and vast amount of literature researches.

First, I rarely put needles on the acupoints from textbooks. The orthodox textbook acupuncture does work, but more and more acupuncture experts found it does not work as effective as some of other styles. Numerous researches worldwide demonstrated that inserting needles at the textbook acupoints does not work any better than inserting needles somewhere else. Note the Mayo Clinic's practitioners are using the textbook acupuncture (as indicated in their articles) in their daily practice.

My immediate-effective modality lies in my experience / knowledge-based diagnostic palpation technique, which can precisely pinpoint the specific spots (not the textbook acupoints) on your body that, once stimulated, will instantly and effectively wake up the "dormant" healing power of your body targeting your particular pain or ailment. It is this purely natural healing power that makes "pain-gone-within-seconds" possible. Wherever your pain or ailment is, my unique diagnostic test can quickly identify these particular "spots".

Secondly, I never insert needles in where your pain is. Buttock pain? Never needle your buttock; shoulder pain? Never prick your shoulder... But the textbook says needling the area in pain. Thirdly, with my modality, disrobing of patients becomes no more necessary. The textbook acupuncture frequently requires disrobing patients to expose their body parts in pain including back, buttock, belly button or pelvic area. In contrast, my modality does not need to put needles in such inconvenient locations. In my clinic, you will always receive treatment fully dressed in a sleeveless shirt and shorts. My needles will only go to your arms/hands or legs/feet. Neither do I request you to lie face down with your chest squeezed against the treatment table, instead you will always comfortably lie face up with a pillow under your knees. You just stay relaxed watching everything I do on your body or keep asking me questions about why and how the needles work, or any other things you are curious to know.

Suffering from pain but not believe my "pain relief in 10 seconds"? See me for a free trial now to verify your own body's magic self-healing power evoked by my needles.

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