The Magic Self-Healing Power of Your Body Evoked by Acupuncture


Nature created your body. Nature encoded magic self-healing power into your body.  The question is, how can you quickly and effectively take advantage of that magic self-healing power for your particular ailment?

With my help, you can.

Once I inserted the needles, your body's own natural pain-relief / feel-good / anti-inflammation hormones (endorphin, serotonin, dopamine, ...) will be instantaneously triggered to take effect in 3-5 seconds (the time for your brain to receive the stimuli and send feed-back to where the ailment is), thus your pain or suffering can be relieved within seconds and the natural healing in your body gets under way on the spot.

Not just pains. Your anxiety, poor sleep, acid reflux, constipation, allergies, sinusitis, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, fibroids, enlarged prostate, low libido, ... could be cured or alleviated or within 2 - 6 months of ongoing treatment.

There are many different ways to practise acupuncture depending on different opinions as to theory and technique. The efficacy may not be all the same.  My technique can precisely pinpoint the specific spots on your body that, once stimulated, can instantly and effectively wake up the "dormant" healing power of your body. It is this nature-created healing power that makes "pain-gone-within-seconds" possible. Wherever your pain or ailment is located, my unique diagnostic test can quickly identify the particular "spots" on your body which precisely target your particular pain or ailment.

That is why everyday in my clinic, I see marvelled faces of my patients with their excruciating pain completely gone within seconds after I inserted needles, wowing "How come the magic!" 

Not convinced ? See me for a free trial to verify the wonder of your own body's self-healing power.