How Many Tx I need

One to over 10 tx (sessions) depending on the conditions.

Q. How long a session lasts and how many treatments (sessions) do I need?

A. One session (treatment) usually lasts 45 min to 60 min depending upon your conditions. Just simply an elbow pain at your right arm, or a knee pain at your left leg? Or pain all over your body from neck, upper back, hip to thigh? ​The number of sessions you need will vary with how long you have been with that condition and how severe that condition is at your visit time. Generally, the more chronic and severe, the more sessions are needed. Internal problems usually require more treatments than muscle/tissue issues.

For example, for an acute sprained knee pain, one or two treatment may be all you need. But a chronic lower back pain you already suffered for years may need 5-10 treatments. Type 2 diabetes might need a course of treatment for 3-4 months at 1-2/week to get your blood surgar reduced close to normal, while the Polycystic ovarian syndrom (PCOS) and associated hormone problems would need at least half year at once per week to treat. Generally speaking, a course of 4 - 8 sessions at one or twice per week would be normally needed for you to get rid of a moderate muscle/joint pain syndrome completely. ​It happened to me that a 10 year old chronic neck pain never came back after only one treatment (as the patient told me when she were back for acupressure massage 3 months later). But that was exception rather than the rule. In my experience, for an one-year old chronic muscle/joint pain, I need one month to treat you in order for the pain not to come back (4 - 8 sessions, one or twice per week). If the pain was there for two years then I would need two months to help you and so on. So have your pain treated as soon as you can and do not wait untill it becomes a chronic "headache".