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Pain Relief & Symptom Easement in Seconds!

Instant Pain & Symptom Easement in Seconds. Body's Self-Healing Process Starts on The Spot. Naturally Restore Your Health with No Side Effects from Drugs or Surgeries.

You've tried everything but pain or abnormal sensation or other symptoms remain unchanged? See me now to see improvement within 10 seconds upon the commencing of treatment. Permanent Healing usually in 5 - 10 sessions. If not feel improvement on the spot, I will treat you free until you do.  You have nothing to lose but your suffering.             

Natural healing process will start immediately in your body toward restoring your health.  Permanent cure in 4-10 treatments, no matter where your pain or abnormal sensation is located - from head to heels, fingers to toes, shoulders to buttocks, neck to tailbone...  

For Patients:  Clinic 778-317-2366 (msg or call)

$75 / ses. Discount avail. Direct Billing with ICBC, WSB, MSP, Ext. Bft.

For Health Care Professional

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You are here in good hands: trusted, friendly, science-based.
You are here in good hands: trusted, friendly, science-based.

Magic Bullet Acupuncture

Everyday in my clinic, I see marvelled faces of my patients with their excruciating pain completely gone within seconds after I inserted a few needles in their body,  wowing "How come the magic?!" I always replied: There is nothing "magic" with those tiny acupuncture needles, nor I had a golden touch or a secret potion. It is the self-healing power of your own body, evoked by the needles, that magically took your pain away within seconds.

You Can Comfortably Watch How I treat you while your pain is melting away in a few seconds

 During the treatment,  you will comfortably lie down face up on treatment table,  fully dressed with your short sleeves and shorts,  with a pillow to support your knees. You can watch, talk to me or ask me any questions while I am treating you.

Natural Healing

My "pain-gone-within-seconds" acupuncture will instantaneously kick-start your body's own self-healing power, which can relieve your pain or other unpleasant sensation within seconds with no medications whatsoever involved. Not just pains. Your anxiety, poor sleep, gastric reflux, constipation, sinusitis, asthma, diabetes, post-stroke/chemotherapy sequelae, fibroids, lymphatic lumps, enlarged prostate... could thus be naturally cured or alleviated within 1 - 6 months of ongoing treatment.

Your Own Body Is Magic, Once Evoked by My Needles

Once my treatment starts, your body's own natural pain-relief / anti-inflammation / feel-good hormones (endorphin, enkephalin, serotonin, dopamine ...) will be immediately triggered to take effect within 3-5 seconds (the time for your brain to receive the treatment stimuli and send feed-back to where the ailment is located), thus your pain could be relieved or even go away completely in seconds and the natural healing in your body immediately kicks in.